3 Creative Ways to Embrace Autumn in Your Design and Print

Autumn is our favourite time of year: kicking piles of crinkly dry leaves along a path, that warm friendly smell, the breadth and depth of colour and texture, wrapping up in chunky clothes and going for walks in the waning afternoon as the sun begins to cast an amber glow. It reminds us of what is past but also what is to come as it is the manifestation of the end of one season and the beginning of another.

As a designer, you too can use these contrasting textures and colours, memories and changing seasons, to enhance your design projects this autumn. Here are some unique ways to embrace the arrival of fall in your designs.

1. Explore Old Themes with a New Twist
2. Try Unconventional Colours

Colour is a pretty big deal in the fall. Warm browns, yellows and ochres can fit with the reds and blues of berries, the purples, pinks and oranges of root vegetables and the smoky whites and greys of drifting smoke from burning leaves from gardens where old apple trees, shorn of their summer leaves and fruit, are sporting their winter wardrobe of coloured moss and lichen. A spider’s web sparkling with an early morning dew, a fallen child’s toy revealed as its covering of vegetation wilts away, a basket of apples - green, red and gold.

3. Explore New Textures for Print Design

Texture is an often overlooked but unexpectedly powerful way to capture the mood and feeling of a design. Autumn is not only colour but texture, just as spring and winter have soft new growth or hard shiny icicles hanging from the eaves, autumn has wrinkled leaves and lustrous fruit, corrugated pumpkins and furrowed fields. Look to enhance your design with texture in which the final printed pieces can be enhanced and tactile with high build spot UV coatings, foiling or textured papers.

We hope we have given you some ideas as to how you can use this very special season to think of fresh ways to vary your design projects this autumn.

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