Creative experimental display typography

Some fonts are not meant to be workhorses. They may be downright unreadable for long paragraphs of text but can become a work of art when used as display fonts. Particularly powerful when used in advertising (like on posters or flyers), these fonts are custom-designed and crafted for one particular use. For good reason: the loopy, creamy letters on the “Melt like an ice cream” design could entice any passerby to stop and take a closer look.


Incredible and delicious ice cream design. Via Jenifer Blanco Monzón on Behance.​

Website design for a fashion photographer designed by Ana Mirats. Via Behance.​

Adorable “tolmis polpas” packaging design. Design by Martis Lupus.​

Experimental display typeface by Masaomi Fujita. Via Behance.​

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