Vintage slab and script fonts

Decorative slab and script fonts have been carefully designed to show real character. They might feel rough and hand-drawn or evoke the ornate style of vintage signage. These typefaces have a classic appeal while still retaining legibility for web and logo use. Vintage slab or script fonts are particularly popular for businesses and brands that want their typography to feel contemporary and clean, while still leaning a little more “bespoke” or artisanal, like the fun, rough-hewn style of the CRMBS brand identity.


Scruffy, food focused design for a yummy new trail mix brand. Logo by Martis Lupus.​

Brand identity for a catering company, with just a touch of rock ‘n roll. Design by DSKY for Stunt Squad.​

Vape shop logo evokes the brick and wood of the physical location. Logo by DSKY.​

Herbal company searching for a logo with hand-crafted flair. Logo by olimpio for Wild Kratom Exchange.​

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