Geometric fonts

It’s no secret that typography can be incredibly powerful. Fonts evoke emotion

and feeling, solidify branding, and help create eye-catching designs. But like any other element of design, font trends ebb and flow and change over time. Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a DIY-er, or entrepreneur you need to make sure your fonts follow the trends. Want to stay on top of the game? Here are the hot new font trends that will be inescapable in 2018!

Modern logo for architecture firm with a geometric font. Logo by ultrastjarna.

A beautiful geometric font designed by Rich McNabb. Via Behance. Logo for architecture firm with a circle-based geometric type. Logo by sheva™.

Geometric typefaces have been building in popularity for the past year. The geometric letterforms are completely without serifs or filigrees and are constructed of clean, straight lines and perfectly round circles. Geometric fonts are distinctly modern and work well for designs that evoke the flair of science, tech, and engineering. They often bring a futuristic vibe to a design, but don’t think they’re only for science fiction—a geometric font can bring a level of sophistication to any composition. Their clarity from a distance makes them particularly suited to branding, especially logos and business cards. 2018 will see geometric fonts bringing a bold, clear edge to a wide range of designs.​

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