Graphic Design Trends in 2018

January 4, 2018

Top 5 graphic design trends in 2018. You may find them interesting when it comes to designing your new marketing material this year.


Here are 5 graphic design trends you need to know for the 2018 calendar year.


1. WOW your clients with Bright Popping Colors


2. Original Pictures and Personalized Graphics

Generic is the one thing you don’t want to be in 2018. Stock photos are still very prominent but it’s time to move away from the basic stock photos. We’re starting to see a human side to design with the emergence of hand drawn design and sketches.


3. Unique and Different Layouts

Designers are starting to create asymmetric designs that use neutral space in a creative way.


4. Design Elements and Styles

  • Geometric Shapes: the use of shapes to create designs will continue to be a major factor in 2018

  • Low Poly Design: a low poly design will give your piece of work a more 3D feel

  • Use of Typography: in the new year expect to see BIGGER and BOLDER fonts

  • Cropped Elements: a minimalist approach where text is cropped so that parts of the letters are missing but the text can still be read

  • Soft shadow on flat design

5. Animation and Moving Pictures



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