V3 Easter Competition – Count the eggs!

You must remember to count all of the eggs you can see in the image! Good Luck!

Methods of Binding

Many people get confused with the different methods of binding. Below are the 3 most common methods which explain exactly what each one is, so you now know what you’re asking for. Wire binding is a popular commercial book binding method, and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, Wire-o,

Getting to know your paper sizes for print

Paper sizes can be confusing and many do not know the exact dimensions. This will show you the standard paper sizes working in mm and inches so that you can set your artwork up at the correct size for printing. This chart is the A series which lists the international paper sizes. This graphic shows

Choosing the right colour for your company

Branding is for companies of all sizes, not just the big ones. Your company brand isn’t just the name, your brand makes you recognisable to others and separates you from competing brands. Colour is one of the most important decisions you can make when choosing your identity. Make sure that your colours stand out on

Paper sculptures that will amaze you

Chinese artist Li Hongbo has created sculptures from thousands of sheets of paper that appear firm when still, but transform into amorphous shapes when stretched. The pieces are on display in New York, as Susannah Reid and Charlie Stayt report. “At the beginning, I discovered the flexible nature of paper through Chinese paper toys and

V3 Christmas Closing Times

We will be closing from Tuesday 24th December at 1:00pm and re-opening on Thursday 2nd January at 9am. We wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014.

Picking the right file for print

Sending the wrong sort of files to the printers can have a pretty big negative impact on your finished article. When you’re printing images, you need to choose the optimum image file type for the best results. This guide will hopefully aid you when working on your next project.   1. Main print files  

Weybridge Christmas Evening

Free eBook software

Fancy showcasing your companies brochure or portfolio in something other than PDF format? Yumpu is a free cloud document hosting service that allows users to upload PDF’s and convert them into a page flipping brochure or eBook as they are more commonly known. Yumpu is cross browser compatible and can be embedded in your own

We like free stuff

We like free stuff at V3 and wanted to share a fantastic website that we came across recently. Unsplash is a really useful image resource that hosts an array of free pictures from various photographers around the world. You have the opportunity to subscribe via the website (or via this handy link) and have a